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Locke Heemstra: Photographer's Biography

Locke Heemstra

Early Focus on Photography

California native Locke Heemstra first became intrigued with capturing a setting’s unique essence on film during a Boy Scout camping trip in the High Sierra.

I was in awe being surrounded by so much natural beauty. Then I realized that with the help of my camera, I could bring it home and enjoy it again and again.


Locke decided to pursue a career in photography and enrolled in the photojournalism program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. He returned to the San Francisco Peninsula after graduation and began exhibiting his work in juried art shows in the mid 1990s.

Early Images

Locke Heemstra's early images focused on the natural wonders of the United States, from the rich fall foliage of New England to the vivid blues and greens of the California coast. In time, he began to concentrate on natural and manmade settings lush with color.

People are drawn to color,” he explains. “It’s a natural instinct.

The public’s enthusiastic response to the vibrant colors in his work convinced Locke he was on the right path. Next, he decided to combine his love of European culture with his new approach to color.

As soon as I arrived in Paris on my first trip abroad, I knew I’d found my niche

Today, Locke travels to Europe at least three times a year, always searching for that special image that will give the viewer a sense of place. His decision to begin printing his images on canvas further enhances their Old World charm.

My clients are always telling me how lucky I am to be able to travel the world in search of beauty. And they’re right; it’s a wonderful life

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